Writing Coaching

You wouldn’t build a house without having a good plan in place, right? The same holds true when writing a book. As your writing coach, we will help you formulate a plan for a successful book and keep you motivated. Here is what Lynn, a recent writing coach client has to say about our writing coaching: “I’m so glad I have Steven to keep me motivated. I’ve been wanting to write a book for years, and now it’s finally happening!”


Many publishing companies will not accept unedited manuscripts. Editing is much more than having a friend check your manuscript for spelling errors. When we edit your manuscript, our job is to make you look like the best author in the world. We not only check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, but we also replace dull words with sparkly ones, check facts, eliminate redundancies, and much more, all while retaining your author voice. This results in a truly polished manuscript that increases your credibility as an author and prepares your manuscript for professional publication.


How the words of your book are presented to the reader can be just as important as the words themselves. Our owner is reading a book right now that offers valuable information, but he is finding it difficult to continue reading because the gutter (the space between the spine and the paragraphs of the opened book) is infuriatingly small. He’s having to bend the book almost inside out to see the words closest to the spine. We can lay out the insides of your book to give your reader a pleasurable experience and want to keep reading.

Working with a Cover Designer

A book is indeed judged by its cover! Choose from our growing network of professional cover designers who are skilled in giving your book a cover that will complement the story and hook potential readers!


The benefits of self-publishing over traditional publishing are many. With self-publishing, you retain 100 percent of the content rights, you stay in control of the process of making the book, you get 70 percent of the net profit from each book instead of the 20 percent or less that a traditional publishing company would offer, you enjoy a greater chance of your book being accepted for publication, and you can get your book published in a fraction of the time you could with a traditional publisher. Self-publishing your book with After the Rain Publishing will give you much more credibility than publishing it under your personal name.